Our Services

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, elder abuse, human trafficking, or sexual assault we are here to help.

The Scott County FJC and the Scott County Shelter Societies are partnering agencies. The domestic violence shelter provides secure accommodations with a caring heart. If the local shelter is full, we work with victims to obtain access to shelter in another area.

We can provide you with a referral to the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee & the Cumberlands for representation during your Order of Protection hearing, divorce or other possible legal issues.

Victims of domestic violence and or sexual assault often feel powerless, scared, hopeless and ashamed. We provide access, by referrals, to trained counselors at the Children’s Center of the Cumberland, SAI, and/or organizations who can help victims cope with their situations.

Sometimes, domestic violence victims who have relied on their spouse’s or partner’s income find themselves needing to find a job for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, domestic violence can also cause victims to lose their jobs in some situations. We help these survivors find jobs that match their skills and education and utilize our partnership with advocates from the Scott County Shelter Society as well.

One of the biggest side effects of domestic violence and sometimes sexual assault is housing displacement. Shelter is temporary but not a long-term solution. We will help connect you directly to agencies and or to advocates at the Shelter Society or SAI with knowledge of housing programs to assist you with your needs.

The Scott County FJC is a partnering agency with the Scott County Sheriff’s Department and Oneida Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office has an officer specifically trained in domestic violence. She is based out of the FJC so that you do not face the daunting task of having to enter the Justice Center to speak to an officer in a stiff, intimidating setting.

One of the most preliminary steps when domestic violence victims seek help is obtaining an order of protection to stop abusers from making contact with the victim or their children. Staff will assist you through the process of obtaining an order of protection without having to follow the traditional steps of visiting the court clerk and the magistrate.  You will be able to complete the necessary paperwork and you will know before leaving the FJC whether your exparte order of protection has been granted or not. 

The Scott County FJC and the 8th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office are partnering agencies. The office of District Attorney Jared Effler has a prosecutor on staff who specializes in domestic violence, as well as a victim witness coordinator assigned to domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

Too often, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault cope with the fear and depression that accompanies the abuse they’re enduring by turning to drugs or alcohol or their abuser introduces them to drugs as another form of control. We will help provide access to the groups and programs who can help put you on the road to recovery.

A shared symptom of domestic violence victims can be a sense of isolation. It’s hard to talk to family members and friends who’ve never endured an abusive relationship. They often don’t understand why it’s so difficult to leave an abusive spouse or partner, or many of the other issues that victims may be going through. But there are many people who have been exactly where you’re at, and support groups are available. We’ll help you connect with them.

It’s important for people who are in, or have been in, unhealthy or abusive relationships to have a safety plan in place that will protect both themselves and their children from harm. We’ll help you develop that plan.